Developing news: Barbaric firing by CPI(M) harmads in Lalgarh

11 Jan

On the afternoon of Jan 7, CPI(M) harmads, holed up in the house of a school teacher in Netai village near Lalgarh fired indiscriminately on a crowd of people, consisting mostly of women, who were protesting their depredations in the area. As reports come in, it appears that 12 people have been killed, numerous have been injured. Many more might have been killed, the harmads have reportedly removed some of the dead bodies. Reports also suggest that Anuj Pandey, the notorious CPI(M) leader from Dharampur was present during the firing.
The harmad camp had been set up in the house of one Rathin Dandapat, who was a CPI(M) supporter, but was not present at the time, and was under the control of Abani Das, the local CPI(M) strongman. The harmads had been regularly forcing men and women from the village to come and cook food for them and wash their dishes, and had beaten many of them up. The night before the massacre, Anuj Pandey, the CPI(M) zonal committee secretary from Lalgarh had visited the camp. After that the harmads went to houses in the village and asked the families to send all males in the age group of 20-30 to the camp the next day to receive “training” to start night patrols. When the villagers had refused, they had been beaten up.

Next day morning villagers, mostly women, marched up to the harmad camp demanding that they stop these demands on the villagers and vacate the building. There were around 50-60 women in the group and around 30 men. The gherao of the harmad camp went on for around 4 hours, during which time the villagers had also informed the police multiple times in Lalgarh thana (which is around 2 km from the place) about the presence of armed people in the camp.

But the police did not come, and then the harmads started firing indiscriminately from inside the building, mainly from its first floor. There are some reports that another harmad group had also crossed the Kangsabati river and had arrived and started firing at the crowd, but there is some confusion regarding this.

People fled from the area and the harmads took the opportunity to flee, firing all the time. Some people, who were working in the nearby fields, were also shot at and injured during this time. The harmads also tried to prevent people from taking the injured to hospital.

Then the injured were taken to the hospital in Midnapur, and later three, whose condition is critical have been shifted to Kolkata. Till now, we have the names of seven of those killed, and the names of all the injured who are in the hospitals. These are as follows:


Dhrubaprasad Goswami (male – 45)
Fulkumari Maiti (female – 35)
Arup Patra (male – 45)
Shyamananda Ghorui (male – age unknown)
Dhiren Sen (male – 47)
Sourav Ghorui (male – 35)
Saraswati Dolui (female – age around 30)


Arati Mandal (female-50), Dilip Sen (male-30), Ganesh Adak (male-34), Lakshman Sen (male-22), Hansraj (male-51), Shakti Singha (male-74), Naba Ghorui (male-60), Tapan Mandal (male-28), Gurai Das (male-65), Nayan Sen (male-40), Geetanjali Adak (female- 35), Chitta Das (male-35), Tarini Khatui (male-30), Lalu Dhibar (male-65), Subash Singha (male-45) and Abharani Mandal (male-25).

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