Another State Attack on Democratic Movement in Punjab

12 Oct

A police party arrested Gurmit Juj, a prominent revolutionary singer, writer and an
activist of the democratic movement along with three other young men namely Satish
Kumar, Raju, and Harbans Singh on 11th October, 2010 at about 5.30 in the evening in
Firozpur city. Gurmit Juj was helping in some construction work in his house at that
time. The police had not any arrest warrant and did not tell in which case they were
being arrested. After sometime it came to light that they had been taken to CIA staff
Firozpur. Reacting strongly on this unlawful arrest, the progressive and democratic
organizations of the city along with Ravinder Kaur, wife of Gurmit Juj, contacted the
police officials. According to the officials, they have been arrested on special instructions
from Chandigarh and they are to be interrogated about a program, being organized at
Jalandhar on the 17th of October 2010. On being pressurized and demanding to see the
arrested persons by the leaders and activists of the organizations, only Raju and Harbans
Singh (Batala) were allowed to meet the assembled people for a short time. According to
police officials, the other two persons have been taken outside to raid some places and
they will be allowed to meet tomorrow morning at about 10 a.m. More than 100 activists
continued their protest till late night but the police did not disclose the whereabouts of
Gurmit Juj and Satish Kumar.
It seems the police is planning to frame Gurmit Juj and others in some false cases. The
leaders of various mass organizations had already been arrested and subjected to police
torture and repression at different places in Punjab. They are put behind bars under
various phony charges. Comrade Daljit was arrested in a similar fashion and the police
tried to book him under fake charges. But this attempt of the police was thwarted under
the pressure of people’s democratic organizations. Although a BKU (Krantikari) leader
Surjit Phul has been bailed out, still some of the phony cases are slapped against him.
Dr. Darshan Pal, a prominent democratic leader from Patiala was arrested and harassed
for many days. Karam Sekha, a state leader of the Punjab Students Union, was detained
and arrested and kept in jail for about a month. Sanjeev Mintu, a leader of Karntikari
Pendu Mazdoor Union is still locked in jail. Like this, the leaders of various democratic
organization of Zira, Firozpur, Sangrur and other areas have been torture and harassed
and are still under false cases.
Arresting any person without a warrant by the police is a severe violation of Supreme
Court directives. A serious notice must be taken of this lawlessness of police and steps
should be taken to prevent this.
Today, the people are opposing the policies of Central and State governments all of the
country and the governments are stubbornly bent upon to handover the control of the
natural resources of the country to the Corporate Sector. The toiling masses are being
subjected to oppression and repression under the Operation Green Hunt. A royal decree
has been issued that “Maoists are the greatest ever danger for the internal security of the
country.” So, the basis has been created to arrest any democratic activist in the name
of a ‘Maoist’ under the draconian Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA). This
undemocratic attack must be opposed forcefully. All the progressive, democratic and
Human Rights organizations, intellectuals, artists and writers should raise a strong voice
against this act of the state. Only in this way we can protect our democratic right to have
an independent thought, to struggle for a dignified life and right to defend our common
PS. Gurmeet Juj & two others were released on 12th October at 4.00 PM. But Harbans singh is yet in illegal custody.

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