100 Activists in Tamil Nadu arrested for supporting Kashmiri Struggle

14 Aug

Kashmir Ho Ya Kanyakumari; Hum Kya Chahte? Bharat Se Azadi!
Over 100 activists from Periyar Dravidar Kazhagam (PDK) and other parties, led by PDK president Kolathur Mani, were arrested today (13 Aug) morning for holding a dharna against the Indian state’s atrocities in Kashmir in support of the Kashmiri struggle. All have been put under remand for 15 days. This clearly shows the panic of the Indian state with the oppressed nationalities uniting and fighting its brahminical stranglehold.

The demonstrators placed the following four demands to the Indian govt:

1) India should stop its war on the Kashmiri people

2) AFSPA should be scrapped immediately

3) The Indian army should be withdrawn from Kashmir

4) Talks should be initiated on the rights of the Kashmiris to self-determination

For this, the activists were arrested. As is known, the Indian govt. and its media agents try to portray the Kashmiri struggle in communal overtones. This goebbelian propaganda is deliberately done in order to cover the fascist atrocities perpetrated by the Indian state on the Kashmiri people. And then there is the absurd argument of Pakistani interference. It is for the Kashmiri people to decide who they want to go with or not go with. An Indian state and its army which is looting, raping and killing the Kashmiris can have no say in this.

As early as 1956, when the then Indian govt. tried to project the image of ‘one India’, Periyar stood by the right of the Kashmiris to self-determination, recognizing them as a unique national formation. But Karunanidhi, who shamelessly claims to uphold the Periyar legacy, is cracking down on all democratic voices supporting various national-liberation struggles. As the situation stands in Tamil Nadu, anyone speaking in support of the Eelam Tamils or protesting against the racist Sri Lankan state are arrested under ridiculous charges, including the draconian NSA. Today’s arrest of the PDK activists who voiced their support of the Kashmiri struggle clearly shows the fascist nature of the Indian state and its stooge, the DMK govt.

Kolathur Mani, on behalf of the Tamil activists, pledged solidarity with the Kashmiri people’s demands and stressed the importance of taking the issue to the Tamil masses.

The Tamil People Stand in Solidarity with the Kashmiri struggle for Azadi!

Observe August 15th as a Black Day for Kashmir!

A release by Delhi Tamil Students Union

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