Seminar against Green Hunt held At Rampura Mandi

15 Mar

March 13th: A seminar against war on people was held by Forum Against War on people at Rampura phool, district Bathinda. Advocate N.K.Jeet (President Lok Morcha Punjab), Buta Singh (Forum Against War on People, Punjab), Writer Attarjit, Novelist Baru Satvarg, Activist Balwinder Singh Sodhi and others addressed the audience. All the speakers condemned the miltary offensive on the Adivasi people and demanded immediate withdrawal of states’s all armed forces from the adivasi areas. They demanded that all the MOUs signed with MNCs be immediately scrapped.The Indian state is destroying all the alternate development which had been achieved with the full participation of the people and which is there economic life-line. This is grave threat to their life, this should be stopped immediatly.

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