CRPF murdered PCAPA President in Lalgarh

24 Feb

Lalgarh – Lalmohan Tudu and two others murdered by CRPF

By Partho Sarathi Ray. February 23 2010.
Contrary to reports in the mainstream press, there was no exchange of fire between CRPF and any other persons in Kantapahari in the Lalgarh area of West Bengal. The joint forces entered the house of Lalmohan Tudu, senior leader of the People’s Committee Against Police Atrocities (PCAPA), at around 11 pm, while he was preparing to go to bed. He was killed along with two of his relatives, Yubaraj Murmu and Suchitra Murmu, husband and wife. They were murdered in front of his mother, wife and only daughter (who is appearing for class X Madhyamik state exams, starting today). His brother and his wife, who live in the same house were also present. Their bodies were taken away, and then Lalmohan Tudu’s body was found lying in the fields. The other two bodies haven’t yet been found.
In Kolkata, Bandi Mukti Committee has called for a protest demonstration at College Square at 4.00 pm.
By Koustav De. February 23 2010.
Star Ananda visited the place near Lalmohan Tudu’s home where the villagers allege that CRPF shot him dead. Star Ananda captured in camera and the reporter narrated how blood stain is clear in the place and around. Heavy boot step marks were clearly visible in the wet paddy fields and blood stains make in clear that the body was dragged away.
The CRPF did not even bother to hide the evidence. Even torn pieces of blood stained cloths, lying below a date palm tree, were captured by the camera . It seems that the CRPF was certain and rightly so that no enquiry will be conducted and so they left behind all evidence carelessly.
The raw evidence picked up by camera is right near Tudu’s house. It is no where near what police and CRPF claimed that encounter took place.
It is worth mentioning here that Tudu was not staying in his own house ever since the joint forces entered Lalgarh. He went into hiding to avoid being captured. In fact, most villages in the region are devoid of any men. Only women, the children and the old had stayed back if they had nowhere else to go at all. All the men have gone into hiding. And Tudu being the PCPA president did the same. He had come back yesterday to meet his daughter who is to appear in her 10th standard Madhyamik examination which began today. At night he went to stay with his relatives Yubraj Murmu and Suchitra Murmu with whome Lalmohan Tudu’s old mother, wife and daughter were already staying. It was around 11 pm when CRPF came and picked him up along with Yubaraj Murmu and Suchitra Murmu. They were picked up in front of Tudu’s wife, daughter and old mother.
The 60+ gentleman was not a political ideologue, was not a military strategist, was no where near to being a armed squad member. He was a popular person of the region, was a beloved man of the village and decided to come to the forefront to uphold a just movement led by PCPA. A few statements and remarks by Lalmohan Tudu is captured in the film Hool. One can visit the “Our Films” section of the website of CANVAS [] to catch a glimpse of the film. The portions where Tudu is speaking to the camera is at 20:59 mins and 30:13 mins.

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